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Second call

The second call for WiFi4EU applications took place from April 4th to 5th - and another 3,400 municipalities received vouchers worth Euro 15,000 (a list of the winning municipalities can be found here). Bear in mind there were still 2,800 vouchers available at the time of the first call in November 2018. The EU has now increased its funding from Euro 42 million to 51 million following the remarkable success of the first call. Spain, Italy and Germany were able to obtain the maximum number of vouchers this time. But don't worry if you weren't one of the winners. There will be two more calls - one at the end of this year, and one in 2020. And again, you'll have to be quick off the mark: 98 % of the vouchers were awarded within 60 seconds of the portal opening. The WiFi4EU Community is the place to find helpful tips from other municipalties or exchange views with installation companies. Good luck!

By the way: The IACBOX is fully compliant - all you need is the infrastructure with a broadband connection and access points.

Broadband map

Also of interest is the recently established European broadband mapping portal, which collects comparable broadband data and uses colours to visualise coverage. This is intended to serve as a key tool for depicting broadband policy, regulation and implementation in each member state within the European Union.

Place link:; 21.05.2019

The data is derived from public, national and private sources as well as from international projects and Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Communities). It is intended to provide end users with greater transparency with regard to broadband services and not only to help them make decisions, but also to encourage service providers to improve their services. But it is hoped that good, and above all meaningful political decisions will also be made with the help of the portal. Data is publicly accessible in one area, while data providing extended information is available in the expert portal, which is a protected area with access for registered data providers only. Not all countries appear to be covered as yet, but please note that data is being added all the time.

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