The WiFi solution for
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It surely is about the guests, but not only. With IACBOX you provide your guests fast and uncomplicated WiFi online access, but as the operator you also have the option of using the guest network for your marketing and communication purposes.

IACBOX for guests

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Well-functioning and easy-to-use WiFi in hotels and restaurants is indispensable these days. The guest wants to go online quickly and easily, and at the same time the operator should have every opportunity to use the login to the guest network to display marketing or other content.

Guest WiFi is not just about granting access to the Internet, but also dealing with changing user numbers, user-friendly registration and intelligent distribution of the available bandwidth. As the operator of the guest WiFi, you want added value for the free service that you offer. With the IACBOX you not only design an attractive login page, but also have a wide variety of options for using it for marketing and communication, for example by automatically redirecting the guest to offers, event information, menu, survey pages etc. after a freely definable time interval. Thanks to flexible interfaces to hotel software / PMS and other customer data systems / CRM, you have every option for maximum insight into the customer journey.

For simple implementations in cafés or other smaller locations not requiring the full range of functions and interfaces, the IACBOX is also available as Lite version.

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