IACBOX for guests

In the hotel

Ratings for your WiFi? From satisfied guests only good ones.

Guest WiFi
IACBOX for students

In school

Protected online learning on their own mobile phones? Possible.

Student WiFi
IACBOX for clients

In the shop

Unobtrusive service and customer engagement are a contradiction in terms? Not necessarily.

Customer WiFi
IACBOX for patients

In the hospital

Barrier-free online, without sensitive data transmission, in the hospital or outpatient clinic as easy as in the room.

Patients WiFi
IACBOX for offices

In the office

Online at work with company or private devices? Yes, but only controlled and secured.

Office WiFi
IACBOX for public spaces

In public

WiFi for everyone, legally compliant with any data privacy regulation, safe and convenient.

Public WiFi
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