The WiFi solution for
all 500 passengers
on board.

Whether on rivers or on the high seas, neither crew nor passengers like to do without convenient Internet access. With the IACBOX, you offer guests and staff the best possible on-board WiFi.

IACBOX for passengers

Onboard WiFi

Shipping is one of the oldest industries in the world and has always understood how to adapt to new, contemporary requirements. Today, it is almost impossible to get around on-board WiFi. However, a 4/5G or LTE network is not always within reach, and as soon as satellite services are involved, it can also become expensive. With the IACBOX you get the best out of every available uplink thanks to smart bandwidth management and offer guests and crew the best possible online access via the on-board WiFi.

Whether the crew wants to chat with their families in their free time thanks to customisable user policies or passengers want to post pictures from the cruise on their social media accounts. The IACBOX helps everyone to get the right access and ensures optimised use of the available bandwidth. You can allocate certain time slots, quotas, data volumes, bandwidths and much more to each user. Thanks to extensive automation and remote access via WebAdmin, any network engineers present can also devote themselves to more important issues than the guest WiFi.

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