The WiFi solution for
all 500 customers
of your business.

With IACBOX, you can easily decide how much of a complimentary amenity a walk-in or a regular customer should be able to enjoy, and whether you just want to provide a contemporary service or also place advertising messages and engage users on your individualized registration page.

IACBOX for clients

Shops, malls, boutiques and stores

Grant your customers access to the WiFi using uncomplicated login methods, and your staff via the employee database and use it as a means of communication on top of that.

As a WiFi operator of a shopping center or department store, you want to welcome as many customers as possible, so you prefer to use free or social login methods. At the same time, you want to get to know customers better, receive information about them in a legally compliant manner and make the best possible use of all interaction options. In addition, special services are to be offered to returning or regular customers. Design your registration page individually according to your wishes, place advertising messages and offers or direct them to your website.

A connection to a customer database or your CRM is also possible, plus you can provide your employees with WiFi by using an existing database for authentication.

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