The WiFi solution for
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WiFi for schools and universities must provide both, easy to use and efficient online access, and a secured space with safe user authentication and content control.

IACBOX for students

Educational facilities

WiFi in schools, universities and other educational institutions must be efficient and secure. Authentication and control of content also play an important role.

For WiFi operation in this area, you need simple administration of online access for students, teachers and devices, intelligent bandwidth management and a clearly recognizable login page that enables a certain degree of self-administration and redirects users to important content. With the content filter and the optional Application Control module, you can make sure that you give students access to the content needed for educational purposes and nothing else. You can apply customized access policies to different user groups and provide them with additional offline content such as learning materials. The special settings on the IACBOX and the Privacy Toolkit module show that data protection is taken very seriously and that your WiFi is operated in accordance with the law.

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