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The security of your company network comes first, but you still want to take online mobile devices uncomplicated or provide WiFi access to your employees for the use of private devices - with the IACBOX you enable both!

IACBOX for offices

Office WiFi

As employer and WiFi operator, you decide whether your employees use private or company-owned mobile devices or whether they can surf the company WiFi with private devices. You should keep an eye on the security of your company network. The IACBOX helps you to seal off certain areas with user and bandwidth management and various VLANs.

Most companies today consider it appropriate to allow their employees to use their own devices for work as well as private communication with family, authorities and institutions from the company WiFi. In addition to the question of the extent to which Internet use should be permitted, it is also important to clarify who is liable for damage to sensitive data or company networks. In order not to get into such a situation at all, create a separate guest access with the help of IACBOX. You can assign certain time windows, quotas, data volumes, bandwidths and much more to each user and block off individual areas or block certain pages with the Application Control module. For example, emails can be checked, but videos cannot be streamed.

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