Interfaces to hotel information systems

Do you have a hotel program with the data of your guests and would like to use this for WiFi authentication as well? Connect it to IACBOX and enable independent login to the WiFi. Among the numerous interfaces of hotel systems, chances are high that yours is included. According to the options from the PMS’ side, you can define and assign Internet packages or let the guests choose themselves. Internet use can be added to the room bill or you can offer it free of charge or simply combine both options. These interfaces are available as a subscription only.

IACBOX Interfaces datasheet

Known as SPMS for short, these interfaces support collaboration with ship management systems that are used specifically on cruise ships and other passenger vessels, such as marineXchange or Resco SMS. The IACBOX sails under many a flag and ensures an optimal user experience and convenient, efficient user and bandwidth management on rivers, the world’s oceans, important ferry routes and fishing and freight routes. These interfaces are available as a subscription only.

Application Control

With the optional Application Control module, you get more and better insight into the traffic flowing through your IACBOX. This gives you the option of specifying certain applications and protocols that you let through completely, partially or not at all (YouTube, Netflix, Skype, and many more).

More about Application Control

Interfaces to hospital information systems

The connection to common hospital information systems (HIS) enables the automated real-time authentication of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or residential and nursing homes, including optional billing. This interface is available as a subscription only.

We support Siemens HiMed, Avaya MedCom and

Privacy Toolkit

We have developed the Privacy Toolkit module for uncomplicated implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data of your customers and guests are processed as soon as they log into a WiFi. In order for the operator to correctly fulfill his duty to provide information, it must be clearly explained which data is stored on what basis and for how long, and whether it is transferred to third parties. With the IACBOX Privacy Toolkit you are on the safe side when it comes to data protection. This is what the module offers:

Customized data processing register according to Art. 30 of the EU GDPR and suitable for similar data privacy acts
Privacy by default
Text templates: GDPR, Data processing agreement, …
GDPR full text official version
Processing agreement
Confidentiality agreement for employees
Data breach notification
Configuration Check

Privacy Toolkit step-by-step

Central Services Connect

This is a simple option for the central administration of distributed IACBOX systems. Administrators can access the IACBOX WebAdmin interface via the my.iacbox Partner Portal without additional software and administer the system remotely.

VPN Tunnel

Connect multiple IACBOX systems to a central VPN server for secure and easy management or maintenance access to your dislocated systems. Secure the access via Batch API for backup or statistics downloads, or access to unencrypted (Radius, …) backends by VPN tunneling.

We support OpenVPN.

Silver Surfer edition

Today, the residents in senior communities, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes are more and more used to a digital lifestyle and no longer want to do without easy-to-use and manageable WiFi – it is part of the basic equipment of a contemporary facility. With the IACBOX Silver Surfer package, thanks to the barrier-free login page, special presets and additional features, WiFi is available in a particularly convenient way.

More about Silver Surfer edition

Classroom edition

The education sector is experiencing a real boost in digitization and you too would like to offer your teachers and students all the options for free WiFi access, safe, legally compliant and fair for everyone? Our partners know what is important and with the IACBOX Classroom edition there is a premium package with great inclusive services at an advantageous price

More about classroom edition

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