Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IACBOX subscription?

The IACBOX subscription is the most flexible way to purchase our software. The entry price is lower, and instead of purchasing a licence and software maintenance separately, the subscription already includes the software licensing together with maintenance and updates.

Which IACBOX products are available as subscriptions?

IACBOX Full licences of all available sizes from 100 to unlimited are available as subscriptions. Alternatively, licences are also available, separately, the choice is up to the customer.
IACBOX PMS interfaces of all types (PMS, SPMS, HIS...) will now become subscriptions, and different from the main licences, these will be available as subscriptions only.

What advantages does the subscription offer?

The IACBOX subscription is cost-effective, with predictable expenditure and ongoing support with regular updates, while offering flexibility through different licence sizes and easy management via a centralised online portal. The significantly higher entry price of a separate licence requires long-term commitment to pay for itself. A lower entry price is associated with a lower purchase risk, as the subscription can be cancelled annually. Bookable under "running costs", a subscription also offers financial advantages.

Can I buy a permanent IACBOX licence and a PMS subscription together?

Yes, the IACBOX, even if purchased as a permanent licence, is always linked to Software Maintenance. The latter is an annual subscription and the PMS interfaces are synchronised with the expiry date of the subscription.

What happens when the subscription expires?

A series of reminder processes ensures that our customers are always informed about the expiry of their subscription. We send reminder emails in good time before the end of the cancellation period and before the licence expires. Just make sure that we have a current e-mail contact on file so that these reminders arrive correctly. If you don't want to cancel, you don't need to do anything. The subscription will be automatically renewed and you will receive a new annual invoice.

How does this affect existing licences with or without PMS interfaces?

This has no effect on existing licences. They will remain unchanged until further notice and will also be maintained by the annual software maintenance subscription that you are already used to.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

The subscription can be cancelled at any time, at the latest 30 days before the current expiry date. The IACBOX remains active until the end of the ordered period (1 to 3 years). However, in the event of early cancellation, the remaining subscription period will not be refundable.

Will I get technical support with my subscription?

The subscription includes all updates and manufacturer support. The IACBOX is installed exclusively by authorised resellers and network specialists who cover the first support level and have access to 2nd and 3rd level support for active licences.

Which WiFi hardware brands are supported?

IACBOX works with all well-known WLAN products (Ruckus, HP, Cisco, ...) because we are not using any vendor specific functionality.

What are the hardware requirements for installation?

The hardware requirements depend on the concurrent users / devices and activated modules. Detailed information can be found under Hardware.

Does IACBOX support virtualization / hypervisors ?

Yes, IACBOX software supports a large number of virtualization environments like:

Proxmox, OpenStack, Nutanix, VMware ESXi
Microsoft Hyper-V Server (2008 R2 and higher)
Windows Server (2008 R2 and higher)

Is special Linux knowledge required for IACBOX installation?

No, IACBOX installation is done using a setup wizard (Frozentux Setup Utility) and is completed in a few minutes. Therefore no Linux knowledge is required!

What is Software Maintenance?

IACBOX Software Maintenance includes all available security updates (incl. SSL certificate), software updates, software upgrades, bugfixes, feature enhancements, new features as well as 2nd & 3rd level support for IACBOX business partners incl. remote control. Therefore please note that we are not able to provide any service or support for systems without valid Software Maintenance. Please note that Software Maintenance renewal always starts from Software Maintenance expiration date.

Is my license still working if Software Maintenance has expired?

Separate licenses are functional after software maintenance has expired. However, without valid software maintenance, you will not receive any online updates (current SSL certificate, bug fixes, security updates, software upgrades, new functions), so there may arise functional problems of different kinds. Furthermore, there will be no manufacturer support for licences without active Software Maintenace. IACBOX Software Maintenance is ordered annually and is not automatically extended, but we will remind you in good time before it expires. There are also 3- or 5-year packages with a price advantage. Subscription licences already include Software Maintenance and always get every available update and support during the active subscription period.

My SSL certificate has expired. What does this mean?

IACBOX uses a secure connection (HTTPS) for login process. When purchasing an IACBOX license a valid SSL certificate is already included. Because SSL certificates expire after a certain time they have to be renewed from time to time. This is done automatically using the online update process for all licenses with valid Software Maintenance. Therefore you need valid Software Maintenance to receive the latest SSL certificate for your license. If Software Maintenance for your licenses has expired please contact your IACBOX authorized partner.

Can I try IACBOX before purchasing?

Yes, we are happy to provide a fully functional, time-limited demo license on request. If you are used to configuring and managing your IT network yourself, you can request this directly from us. If an IT service provider is responsible for this, it is best to tackle it together with them. If your IT service provider is not yet familiar with IACBOX, we look forward to getting to know him or her and instructing them accordingly.

Does IACBOX support software RAID?

No, IACBOX software does not support software RAID which is a special kind of emulated RAID. In this case, IACBOX setup will detect two hard drives and will use the first one for system and the second one for backup (if two hard drives are present). If you want to operate IACBOX using a RAID system please use a hardware RAID.

Does IACBOX support VLAN Tagging?

Yes, IACBOX supports up to 2000 VLANs in the Surf LAN (Guest Zone).

Does IACBOX support IPv6?

Yes, since version 7.0 IACBOX also supports IPv6 for "WAN Zone / OfficeLAN" and "Management Zone".

Does IACBOX support Oracle/Micros - Fidelio/Opera?

Yes, IACBOX supports numerous PMS systems (Property Management System) including Oracle/Micros - Fidelio/Opera. Please contact our sales team for the corresponding Oracle part number.

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