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Do you need reliable and data-efficient WiFi for citizens, visitors or passengers that is scalable and compliant with data protection regulations? Get it - with IACBOX!

IACBOX for public spaces

Public WiFi

WiFi in public areas has a few specific requirements. Above all, simple handling, easy user experience and the protection of personal data are key.

The public sector needs simple login methods, preferably free of charge, for communal areas such as community or event centers, and town squares. For train stations, airports or other highly frequented areas, larger user numbers must be handled. The IACBOX offers a virtually unlimited license, and the bandwidth management, filter options or the optional Application Control module help a lot for efficient and reliable functioning. The subject of private data protection is taken very seriously, so that your WiFi has all it takes to be operated in a GDPR-compliant manner, plus a dedicated module with automated data processing register and more. The IACBOX has been used very successfully by authorities, municipalities, tourism associations and regions for years, and is also used at sports or cultural events.

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