IACBOX for Events

Guests, visitors and employees alike expect a well-functioning WiFi network, whether they are enjoying themselves in the spa area at the hotel, at work or attending an event and want to check their emails or event info: stable, safe and fast WiFi is now an everyday necessity. And it has to work even with more than a thousand devices on the network at the same time. The end user should not even notice any difference. In previous years, the IACBOX has been represented at many events, including the new.New Festival in Stuttgart last year and at the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz from 24th to 26th January this year. The IACBOX has proven time and again that when it comes to challenging projects, it is equal to the task.

Do you need a short-term solution, but one that can handle a large number of users? Then the IACBOX event license is the right choice for you!

Why do event organisers rely on the IACBOX?

Simply because the IACBOX with an event license delivers a complete package for the WiFi solution for your next big event. We provide a login page template, which can be customised and in addition to registration enables guests to access external content such as programme details, weather, etc. Logos, sponsors and links to their websites are also possible and will be incorporated into the template according to your requirements.

All available modules are enabled, so that users can be authenticated via external connections, easily get online via the login page or be authorized via Social Login. Of course, you can distribute or sell access credentials either in advance or at the event itself. The reports in the backend of the IACBOX can be processed later to provide data on user numbers, data usage and all sorts of other useful statistics.

The license is available for unlimited users / devices and valid for 10 days.

What else do you need for WiFi at large-scale events?

Your large-scale event is now almost good to go. All you need in addition is a partner company to provide the infrastructure and install the IACBOX. If you don't have your own trusted system integrator, feel free to have a look on our website for a suitable partner in your area.


  • Satisfied guests thanks to fast, reliable WiFi
  • Simple and intuitive login process
  • Multilingual, customisable home page
  • High security standards
  • Monitoring and restriction of potentially malicious applications, websites and content
  • Maximum availability in all areas

What does the IACBOX event license include?

  • Unlimited users / devices for unlimited power
  • All available modules
  • Login page customisation
  • VIP-, press and free login ticket templates
  • Customised ticket templates possible
  • 10 days validity

Are you interested in wireless Internet access for guests, staff or things for your enterprise, or do you provide network solutions for clients? Drop a few lines to share your opinion with us:

At Asteas, we see it as our task to shape wireless Internet access in networks efficient and legally conformant for the supplier, efficient and comfortable for the user and secure for both.

For more information, visit our website or contact us here.

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