WiFi4EU - 2,800 vouchers

After initial difficulties (we reported in August), the repeated first submission phase (from November 7th to 9th, 2018) has now gone smoothly. Within the first 10 seconds after opening the portal, 4,000 applications have already been received. There was a total of 13,000 applications (1,824 came from Germany alone). 42 million euros are in the pot for this call, divided into 2,800 vouchers, each 15,000 euros. Meanwhile the WiFi4EU agency INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) has reviewed the applications for eligibility and announced the winning municipalities in early December. Here is a list of those communities that receive a voucher. At least 15 and a maximum of 224 vouchers could be won per EU country. With the exception of Iceland, each country has received the least number of vouchers. For the lucky winners, it is now to find a wireless installation company. The equivalent value of the voucher will be paid directly to the installation company after completion of the WLAN network.

A glimmer of hope for those who missed out on the first round: There will be three more calls in the next two years. Staying tuned will thus pay off. And in the meantime, you can share ideas with other interested municipalities in the newly established WiFi4EU Community.

More information can be found in the WiFi4EU blog.

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