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As an employer and WiFi operator, you decide whether your employees are allowed to surf your company's WiFi using private devices. If you allow this, you should keep an eye on the security of your company network. The IACBOX helps you seal off certain areas with user and bandwidth management and various VLANs.

Nowadays most companies tend to allow employees to use personal communication methods to keep in touch with their families, authorities and institutions. Besides the issue of the extent to which Internet use should be permitted, it is also necessary to clarify who is liable for any problems involving sensitive data or company networks. You can create a separate guest access with the help of the IACBOX and avoid such a situation arising in the first place. This allows you to assign certain time windows, quotas, data volumes, bandwidths, etc. to each user and block individual areas or certain pages using the Application Control module. This means that emails can be checked, but videos cannot be streamed.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for smaller environments we recommend the following optional modules:

  • Login API (Interface for externally hosted login page or special plugins)
  • Privacy Toolkit (Be prepared for the General Data Protection GDPR)

Of course you can deploy any of the available interfaces according to your individual needs.

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