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Data privacy notice

Hello and welcome to the IACBOX website. Surely you would like to know if and to what extent your visit with us leaves traces in the form of personal data and how we treat it. Here we want to inform you comprehensively.

First of all: We process your data exclusively in accordance with and on the basis of the legal regulations (GDPR). We are happy to comply with our information obligations and strive to keep the sometimes technical information in generally understandable language.


First of all, we want to point out that our website uses cookies. Today hardly any website works properly without them. Cookies are small text files created by a web page during your visit. There are two types, Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are only saved for the current browser session and deleted as soon as you close the browser. Among other things, they allow you to easily return to pages that you have previously surfed. Persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time and allow you to retrieve the page quickly when you call again, or offer the page in the correct language. Persistent Cookies on the IACBOX website do not contain any personal data. The cookies are stored only in your browser. You can open, view and delete them whenever you wish. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings, but many websites will not work properly if you do so.

Analysis tools

It is in our interest to know what the users of our website like and do not like. But if you want to get relevant information while doing your research on the web, it is also in your interest as a user that website owners evaluate such tools. We use the analysis tool Matomo, also known under the former name PIWIK. It saves data showing us, for example, how many visitors from which countries viewed which pages and for how long. Personal data will not be processed, the IP address of the users will be partially anonymised and thus not allow to identify an individual person. All data will also be stored on our own servers, not shared with third parties or exported to other countries.

Social Media Links

Social media icons on our website are not embedded plug-ins (like buttons), but pictures that are stored with simple links. Thus, social media platforms will not receive any automatic data transmission from your visit; neither will we get information from your social media profile.

Web server log

For smooth functioning and, if necessary, troubleshooting, web pages generally save logs on the web server where IP addresses are stored. Like many other companies, we operate our website on servers of a professional service provider. While IP addresses by themselves do not allow identifying a person, they could theoretically be associated with people using more elaborate tracking tools, but our website doesn’t. In the logs, the time, the browser type and the page visited are saved. These logs are periodically deleted after a maximum period of one month.

What else happens with regard to the processing of personal data? This depends on which areas of our web presence you visit or use.

You are a visitor of the website and seek information about our products?

Then you are already sufficiently informed, no personal data will be requested and no further processing will take place unless you take one or more of the following steps.

You get in touch with us?

If you contact us via the form on the website or by email, your data will be stored with us for the purpose of processing the request and possibly for the further business relationship with you. We will never share this information with third parties unless you ask us to do so. The data processing takes place only with us in the house, by own, accordingly instructed coworkers in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

You subscribe to our newsletter?

You have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter via our website. For this we need your email address and retrieve your explicit consent via a confirmation link to the specified address. Each newsletter contains a unsubscribe link if you no longer wish to receive further submissions.

In order to provide you with targeted information, it may be that we process further information voluntarily provided by you, of course also exclusively in accordance with the principles of the GDPR.

You fill in the partner registration form?

Under certain professional and trade law conditions, it is possible to register with us as a partner. If you fill out the appropriate form, we will review your application. By fulfilling the requirements, you establish a business relationship with us that requires the retrieval and storage of certain data. These remain stored for the duration of the business relationship and any statutory deadlines. If your application is not approved, the data will not be saved or deleted.

Your rights

The GDPR strengthens and defines your fundamental rights with regard to the protection of your personal data. This is a very positive development and was long overdue in the age of Big Data. Let us briefly explain how we guarantee the rights for you: You have a right to information. Ask anytime if you want to know more. Of course, we take your right to rectification just as seriously, but generally we do not change your data, so there will be little reason to do so. We respect your right to erasure and/or restriction as far as possible automatically in our processing activities, by storing only the data needed for an upright business relationship, processing a request or by legal obligation. We do not use decision-making processes based on automated data processing (such as profiling), do not pass on data to third parties, send only product-related information, and in the event of an objection, such as unsubscribing from the newsletter, we will react promptly. We have an open ear for any questions concerning the processing of your data and the protection of your rights.

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