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External Login API

The IACBOX Login API provides seamless integration into web projects hosted on an external webserver. This allows creating a freely designed corporate login page, and/or using a broader range of individual backends for authentication, promotion or data exchange purposes, like for instance CRM systems. For Login API integration basic know-how in HTML and PHP is required.

The required SDK including a working example and the developer API documentation is available for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal in menu "Services / Downloads => Other" for all registered partners.

VPN Tunnel

Connect multiple IACBOX systems to a central VPN server for secure and easy management or maintenance access to your dislocated systems. Secure the access via Batch API for backup or statistics downloads, or access to unencrypted (Radius, ...) backends by VPN tunneling.

Supported VPN Servers:

  • OpenVPN

Application Control

Monitor and control numerous applications like Youtube, Netflix, Torrent, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Facebook, Skype, Steam, ...

HIS / KIS Interfaces

Interfacing to various hospital information systems (HIS / KIS) allows automated real time authentication of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, etc. using an existing hospital information system including optional accounting.

Supported HIS / KIS products:

  • Siemens Himed
  • Avaya MedCom

Privacy Toolkit

Get prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar data protection and privacy legislation with our new module Privacy Toolkit. On your IACBOX, the crucial moment when data are processed is user login and authentication. You as the operator and so-called controller bear primary responsibility that data processing activities are compliant with GDPR regulations. In order to fulfill your information duty correctly, you have to inform users in easily understood language about which data are saved or processed, for how long they are kept and if they are transmitted to third parties. The IACBOX Privacy Toolkit helps you stay on the safe side.

  • Customized data processing register according to Art. 30 of the EU GDPR and suitable for similar data privacy acts
  • Privacy by default
  • Text templates: GDPR, Data processing agreement, ...
  • GDPR full text official version
  • Processing agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement for employees
  • Data breach notification
  • Configuration Check

Central Services

The IACBOX Central Services includes a set of functions for centralized management of distributed IACBOX systems. Using this feature administrators can easily gain remote access the IACBOX WebAdmin interface via my.iacbox Partner Portal and manage the system without any additional software. The included Central Services functions are extended continuously.

Silver Surfer edition

The IACBOX Silver Surfer package offers a barrier-free login page, appropriate pre-settings and some additional features to provide an easy and extremely comfortable way to provide WiFi.

Classroom edition

The IACBOX Classroom edition is a premium package with great inclusive services such as Application Control PRO, school-specific ticket templates, WebAdmin users with administration functions and much more.

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