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IACBOX event license package

No matter if you are planning a World Cup ski race, a major party or clubbing event, a trade show, convention or conference: Claim control of your guest Internet access with the IACBOX event license.

What's included in the package?

  • Unlimited user/devices for unlimted power
  • All available modules
  • Login page customized to your needs
  • VIP-, Media- and Free Login ticket templates
  • Ticket template to suite your individual needs
  • Validity period: 10 days

The IACBOX event license is a complete guest WiFi solution for your next big event. It comes with a Login page template where you can place external content like program or weather information, side events, and display sponsor logos and links. We will take care of integration of your desired content and deliver a completely customized page for your guests.

The WiFi users can be authenticated via external database integration, Social Login, automatic Logon, or access tickets distributed before or during the event via email or print, for free or billed. The WebAdmin interface offers reporting about user numbers, data volume, and other useful statistics.

Clear purpose dedication - clean budgeting!

Your event license covers exactly the dedicated needs of your event, with exact purpose dedication and validity period - without any consecutive cost or obligations, and without the necessity to calcuate other usage percentages. This will certainly please your financial controller, advisor and fiscal authorities. 

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