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You are in control. But of what? Watching the door is useless unless the guard knows who to let in and who not. That's why the optional module IACBOX Application Control allows to set rules for specific applications or protocols you want to allow completely, only partially or not at all. Many IACBOX operators have been able to improve the overall user experience for all of their WiFi guests by wisely using these features. But how do you decide which applications you want to restrict or block?
Some appliances or devices create a lot of traffic and occupy bandwidth, like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. It is an important decision if and to whom this should be allowed. Often, however, not so obvious traffic causers are overlooked, such as software updates or online games.

More and better insight 

Does Office really need to update in your network, is that important for business customers? For families, it may be better if the video chat works well instead, and maybe the hotel's streaming service should only run in the luxury suite. Or other content from your own server, such as the school-specific learning platform or the employee training program should run, but not the gaming server?

For good decisions about the affected categories or applications, you need insight and overview. This is where the first strong point of Application Control PRO comes in handy: Detailed Monitoring. Real data, visually presented in meaningful diagrams, show you at a glance which categories and applications cause the most traffic. This makes a good basis to decide which applications should be allowed to consume bandwidth in your network. Filter for applications, tickets or VLANs and look in detail at the top 10 causers.

Individual profiles for user groups

Nobody really likes to be tarred with the same brush. And does it make any sense to treat everyone the same - a child, a cheap booker, a luxury guest, an employee, the printer or the director? Since distinctive WiFi user groups are a reality in all companies, hotels, hospitals, schools, and institutions, the second strong point of the Application Control PRO starts right there. You can create individual profiles and assign up to 1,000 bandwidth groups. This allows to distinguish any number of user categories.

And if you have special services that are not included by default, you can even set your own rules. Select the Custom Applications tab to include for example an internal server based on its IP address.

Categories of applications

  • Streaming media (YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, ...)
  • Software updates (Android, iOS, Windows, ...)
  • P2P file sharing applications (Torrent, Gnutella, ...)
  • Internet messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, IRC, ...)
  • Cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, ...)
  • Social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ...)
  • VoIP (Skype, Apple FaceTime, ...)
  • Online games (Steam, Playstation and other consoles, ...)
  • File transfer (FTP, SMB, ...)
  • and many more.

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