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November 18th, 2020

Our hardware supplier informed us last week that they are restructuring HPE Pointnext services. We have briefly summarized what this means for us and you as a hardware purchaser. Generally, hardware is only delivered to EU countries and this will not change, but HPE services in various countries might. We also took a quick look around the school where our first IACBOX Classroom edition was installed. Read more below.

Care Packs für Power und (High) Performance Server

Last week we learnt about new order modalities that our hardware supplier has already implemented worldwide. This means we had to change the quotation and order processes for our partners at short notice. The affected articles are Power, Performance and High Performance Server. While the servers themselves can be ordered without any problems, CarePacks for locations outside Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy must be requested in each respective country. For this reason, you will find hardware and CarePacks listed separately on your new partner price list in the my.iacbox Partner Portal. In many European countries there should be not much of a change, but make sure to plan a little more lead time for CarePack orders, just in case. We will see how this works out in practice and keep you updated!

WiFi for school kids

A lot has happened over the summer in terms of digitization in schools. While we are now in many areas in the middle of a second lockdown, it is more important than ever to make sure that our children have every access they need. We asked around at IACBOX partners - read about the first rolled out Classroom edition in our blog.

Did you know that ...

Free Login is the most often used Login method?

This login method is activated for around a third of all licenses. What makes it so popular? It is the easiest way to provide free Internet. Easy for the WiFi operator for the one-off setup, and easy for the user who connects to the WiFi by just one click of the login button. That said, it isn't necessarily the only active method. If there is also a method with authentication for regular users, booked or VIP guests, the free registration is often meant for walk-ins and limited in time.

How to activate the login method on your IACBOX: Navigate to the login methods menu in the WebAdmin. Define how long guests, visitors or employees are allowed to surf, their allowed bandwidth, whether a new login is possible, and if there should be an interval period before allowing the free login again.  

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