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February 3rd, 2021

Recently we heard someone say that Corona had displaced the weather from the top rank of small talk topics. It's true, some mention of the pandemic is likely to come up in any conversation these days. But today, we decided to leave it there and talk about some IACBOX news instead. A few new security settings for Office and Surf LAN are coming up with V21, and we have added handy translation options for the login page. Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to a useful, yet sometimes overlooked login method. And by the way, the weather is getting better, too.

New security settings

V21 will bring some innovation in the area of security and compatibility. The minimum TLS/SSL version can be set separately for Office and Surf LAN. TLS/SSL version 1.3 is available for maximum security. This highest level is obviously important for companies with a high security standard, as they keep devices and browsers used by their employees regularily up to date. While older devices are not intended to have access to the internal network in these industries, for the hospitality business it can be particularly important allowing guests to access the Surf LAN side of the WiFi with a wider variety of device versions. This will be possible by selecting the minimum TLS/SSL version 1.0. from V21 WebAdmin under Network / Settings.

Translation made easy

We have already let you in on the upcoming new Login Page Editor in our last newsletter. Today we want to add some detail. With our V21 highlight feature, you will easily insert and translate custom text for your login page directly in the editor: Use drag & drop to add elements to your login page, fill in your desired text and translate into any target language needed. All in one place, easily and comfortably.

Last time we introduced one of our most popular registration method - free login. Today we have a new tip for you:

Did you know...

...what local users are all about? This method is often used for permanent users such as employees, residents of senior citizens or care facilities, students, in short everybody who is meant to access the WiFi network repeatedly over a certain lapse of time. Created in advance in the IACBOX WebAdmin, they can then log in with a user name and password or just a password. Self management features like Remember me or Forgot password keep support workload low. It is also often used for events: take a group of visitors online with the same access data instead of having to hand out individual tickets for everybody. Set the expiration date  accordingly to make sure that devices will be automatically logged off after the event. A while ago we have added the option upload a user list, e.g. for a school class. The method can be found in the WebAdmin under Users / Tickets > Users.

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