Patchlevels & Basics

June 10th, 2021

Our IACBOX technicians have revealed that the 2nd patchlevel of the V21 will be rolled out next week. In addition to the usual bug fixes and adjustments, they have concentrated on the data collector and given it a new substructure - but read more about it below. There is also a new date for our basics webinar - please spread the word!

And isn't it a good sign, especially with rising temperatures, that the old everyday mask is back and allowed in more places now? For anyone interested, we still have a few in stock, see below.

NEW Data Collector

After 10 years it was time to tackle the substructure of our data collector, and give it a more dynamic boost. The menu in the Webadmin has got a facelift, as you can see in the screenshot below. The fields are no longer limited to nine, so the form template can be better adapted to the wishes of the WiFi operator. Previously only visible after registration, there are now two new options: The standalone variant, in which the form is displayed below or on a sub-page with its own send button, or inline as part of the login box, like in our example below. The WiFi operator offers free access, but at the same time collects some data - a handy thing in times of Covid19 and guest registration. It is saved as usual in the Reports / Collected user data menu, with the option of automatic deletion after a definable time. All changes to the Data Collector will be available next week, with the 2nd patchlevel of V21.

Basics webinar on June 17th

Listen up, IACBOX newbies: Our basics webinar will take place on June 17th. You'll get a concise outline of the functionality and scope of the product. Plus, we'll take a quick look at the users interface of the WebAdmin. Registrations via our training calendar or directly by email to Feel free to pass it on to colleagues or resellers - there are still places available.

Smile underneath the mask

The IACBOX everyday mask made of antimicrobial, skin-friendly textile lets you breathe more easily and is meanwhile allowed in more and more places in many countries. We still have a few left, send us an email and receive 5 masks free of charge - only while stocks last!

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