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About Asteas Technologies

Asteas Technologies is a leading Austrian software developing company of reliable Internet hotspot and authentication solutions for companies of any size. Asteas is developer of the award-winning Internet hotspot solution "IACBOX - Internet for Guests" with business partners and installations all over the world.

All software development and tests take place in our headquarters in Austria. One of our main focus is interfacing with third party products like Property Management Systems (PMS), LDAP, Radius, external databases and social networks.


Asteas Technologies award-winning products and solutions can be found in companies all over the world including airports, hotels, hospitals etc. for many years.

  • In the year 2002 the company was founded as LSC - Linux SOLUTION Center, Eckhart & Strobl OEG by Andreas Eckhart and Anton Strobl in Landeck / Tirol / Austria.

  • 2004 LSC - Linux SOLUTION Center wins the business plan competitions AdventureX and Lantech Award with the product IACBOX.

  • 2009 LSC - Linux SOLUTION Center becomes Asteas Technologies GmbH & Co KG with Andreas Eckhart as Managing Director and Anton Strobl as Technical Director.

  • 2014 A branch office in Innsbruck / Tirol / Austria is opened.

  • 2018 While the 6000th system is rolled out, IACBOX is gaining even more international momentum with a reseller network in more than 40 countries. Asteas Technologies GmbH & Co KG is renamed: Asteas Technologies GmbH.   
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