IACBOX 7.0 - jetzt verfügbar

IAC-BOX 7.0 - available now

27. November 2015

The new IAC-BOX 7.0 with lots of new features is available for download since Friday 27. November 2015 in our my.iacbox Partner-Portal in menu "Services / Downloads" or in our download section on our website. Enclosed you can find the innovations summarized.


  • IPv6 support for "WAN Zone / Office-LAN" and "Management-LAN"
  • Dashboard and system overview including graphs, notifications and alerts
  • "Password only Login" - guest login using only password (no username required)
  • "Remember Me" up to 32 days possible
  • Define DHCP exclude ranges within DHCP range
  • Batch Access API extensions (Remote Tasks): logoff, revoke .....
  • Network Interfaces can now be assigned individual to specific zones ("WAN Zone / Office-LAN", "Guest Zone / Surf-LAN" and "Management Zone")

Due to christmas holidays and turn of the year the automatic online update rollout for existing systems with valid Software Maintenance starts on 15 January 2016.

IPv6 Support

In the upcoming years the currently used IPv4 addresses will be replaced fluently by the new IPv6 addresses. The reason for this is the insufficient amount of available IPv4 addresses. The first providers have already started to deploy IPv6 enabled internet broadband access to their customers.

To be fit for the requirements of tomorrow all network services starting with IAC-BOX 7.0 are now IPv6 capable. This allows seamless intergation of IAC-BOX into existing or new IPv6 enabled provider networks.

The "WAN Zone / Office-LAN" as well as the "Management-LAN" can therefore be configured to run the IPv6 protocol.

IPv6 configuration (click to enlarge)
System dashboard (click to enlarge)

System Dashboard

Using the new IAC-BOX system dashboard you will never miss important notifications again and you can monitor the system state constantly. The dashboard displays information like:

  • concurrent users online
  • system notifications
  • network usage Guest-Zone
  • network usage WAN-Zone (Internet)
  • CPU and RAM usage
  • and much more

Password Login

On numerous requests of our partners we have implemented the option, that customers can login only using their password, without username. This allows a more convenient login for guests. This option is available for login using desktop devices as well as mobile devices.

To activate this feature, enable "Password Login" in WebAdmin menu "Client Logon / Design" and enable the checkbox "Password Login" for at least on ticket template.

Remember Me

The duration of the feature "Remember Me", how long an already registered device should be remembered, can now be configured individually in WebAdmin menü "Settings / General". IAC-BOX remembers already signed-in devices for maximum of 32 days for the time last seen.

DHCP Excludes

From now on, when creating a new DHCP range, you can define if the range should be available for IP address assignment to clients or if the range should be excluded from the DHCP pool.

Network Interfaces

During the manual installation process you can assign the available network interfaces to each zone individually ("WAN Zone / Office-LAN", "Guest Zone / Surf-LAN" and "Management Zone")

  • 1 Gbit/s NIC - "WAN Zone / Office-LAN"
  • 100 Mbit/s NIC - "Management Zone"
  • 1 Gbit/s NIC - "Guest Zone / Surf-LAN"

Batch Access API Extension

With IAC-BOX 6.0 we have introduced the Batch Access API. This feature allows you to request any System-, Log- and Statistic data (e.g. Statistics, Application Log, currently users online, hardware status, ...) or even perform a system backup remotely using a simple HTTP request for further processing. A detailled documentation how to use this module is available in our Documentation area.

The Batch Access API has been extended by the following remote commands:

  • logoff ticket
  • revoke ticket
  • concurrent users online
  • current license information
  • system information (CPU, RAM, ...)

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