IACBOX 6.0 released

After intensive development the last few months we proudly present the new IAC-BOX 6.0. This new version includes lots of new and improved features which are summarised below.


  • Scan & Surf: automatic login using QR-Code
  • Full PMS support for Login API
  • Ticket Printer Design Editor
  • WebAdmin Search
  • Customizable maximum online userlimit
  • Option to add Privacy Statement on customer login page
  • Batch Access API (remote queries of Hardware- and Statistics and System Backup)

The update rollout for existing systems with valid Software Maintenance starts on 23. June 2015.

Scan & Surf: automatic QR-Code login

Since the number of mobile devices is constantly increasing we have implemented the 'Scan & Surf' feature for automatic QR Code login which makes life much easier for mobile device users. When creating a ticket IAC-BOX automatically generates an appropriate QR code which is printed on the ticket. The customer then only has to scan the QR code printed on his ticket and will be automatically logged on with his personal login information.

Full PMS support for Login API

With IAC-BOX 6.0 we have implemented full PMS authentication and billing support into the existing Login API for centralised login pages. This allows multiple locations to share the same central login page with individual PMS authentication and billing per location due to the use of the users local PMS interface.

Login API is able to retrieve all available packages (ticket templates) of the guests location and offers them to the guests depending on his current location.

The appropriate Login API SDK 1.2 can be downloaded in our my.iacbox Partner-Portal in menu "Services / Downloads - Other".

Direct login for complimentary PMS login

On numerous request for systems with complimentary PMS login customer no longer have to confirm the free ticket after successfull authentication. The only requirement is that just one single complimentary ticket is defined for PMS login.

Ticket Printer Design Editor

With version 6.0 we have integrated a graphical editor to design customized ticket printer layouts. The design editor supports images, QR-codes as well as any text which can be translated into all available languages. The single elemente can be arranged to the prefered position by drag & drop. An unlimited number of different layouts can be created which can also be exported and imported to a differnt system or used for backup. You can find the new Ticket Printer Editor in WebAdmin menu "Modules / Ticket Printer".

The graphical print-out is supported by the ticket printer models Epson TM-T20 (I, II) and TM-T88 (III, IV und V).

Moreover IAC-BOX now supports up to 100 ticket printers for full version licenses.

Sample ticket incl. customer logo, QR code and login information
Sample layout incl. customer logo, detailed login information, QR code for automatic login and customer instructions for login

WebAdmin search

Due to continous implementing new features the number of configuration parameters is growing in the WebAdmin administration interface. To make it easier to find the required configuration parameter we have implemented the WebAdmin search feature which performs a full text search over all available configuration parameters. This feature is permanently available in the top left of the WebAdmin interface.

Customizable Userlimit

Define your own user limit (maximum conncurrent users) to avoid potential hardware overload (only possible within licensed user limit).

Privacy Statement

Some application fields require that users have to confirm a privacy statement in addition to the terms of use to login. This feature allows you to define custom privacy statements and is vailable in WebAdmin menu "Client logon / Languages".

Batch Access API

Using the new Batch Access API you are able to request any System-, Log- and Statistic data (e.g. Statistics, Application Log, currently users online, hardware status, ...) or even perform a system backup remotely using a simple HTTP request for further processing. A detailled documentation how to use this module is available in our Documentation area.

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