April 1st, 2021

We have kept you in suspense for quite a while, now the time has finally come: The IACBOX 21.0 is here and we can proudly say that the wait has paid off. The WebAdmin has been further developed, not only visually, but also under the surface. In addition to improvements to the ticket overview, the usual bug fixes and security updates, there are some exciting new features. But see for yourself, we have prepared a few highlights. And if you would like to take a quick trip into the new Login Page Editor with us, you have the opportunity on April 8th.

Highlights - IACBOX 21.0

Version 21.0 is available from now on for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal under Services / Downloads or in our download section at A detailed changelog can be found on our website.

Easy editing of the standard login page

Colors, images and fonts of the page designs can be adapted or your own inserted, and there are translation options for existing or your own text blocks. Additional information, such as the daily menu or current pandemic restrictions, can be displayed on sub-pages accessible via a link, and iframes for embedding external content will also be supported. Brand new as well, there will be simple possibilites of creating different designs for each VLAN or route, no programming knowledge required.

More login methods

Up to now, a few PMS types were only supported for landing pages based on Login API design. With the new V21, we made them also available for the standard login page. These are, among others, Apaleo and Guestline. We have also enlarged the field of social login methods. You can use Twitter and LinkedIn for the standard login page under Login methods / Social networks. The guests/visitors simply connect to the WiFi using their platform login details.

TLS/SSL settings

There are also innovations in the areas of security and compatibility: The minimum TLS/SSL version can be set separately for Office and Surf LAN. If the highest level of security is required, TLS/SSL version 1.3 is the right setting. For environments such as hotels or malls, where guests with older devices should not be automatically excluded from the Surf LAN, levels down to the minimum TLS/SSL version 1.0 are available.

Webinar: Login Page Editor

Let us show you on Thursday, April 8th at 11 a.m. how easy it is to adjust and adapt the standard login page with the new Login Page Editor to the needs of your customer. In this short webinar we explain how to change colors, images and fonts, create different designs for each VLAN, how to integrate iFrames and much more. Register for the webinar right away - via the training calendar or by email to

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