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January 20th, 2021

While the Covid-19 vaccination campaigns have only just begun, and the lockdown rules have been tightened again in many regions, we are still confident about the future, especially the next few weeks. Our technicians are working tirelessly on the brand new IACBOX version, so today we can take a look at the Login Page Editor. We also looked at the potential for WiFi projects in residential and care facilities and summarized our findings in our blog. More on this below, and a little reminder for all those who are still working on the old WebAdmin interface.

Hello Login Page Editor

We are looking forward to the Login Page Editor integrated with V21, which will make the design of the login page much more flexible and easier:

Colors, images and fonts of the page designs can be adapted or your own inserted, and there are translation options for existing or your own text blocks. Additional information, such as the daily menu or current pandemic restrictions, can be displayed on sub-pages accessible via a link, and iframes for embedding external content will also be supported. Brand new as well, there will be simple possibilites of creating different designs for each VLAN or route, no programming knowledge required. Check the screenshot below for a first impression of what the editor will look like.

Speaking of the login page: As announced, we contacted all partners during last month who still maintain IACBOX systems with the dedprecated Custom FTP login page and informed them that it will no longer be supported with V21.

Bye bye old WebAdmin interface

With V21, the "old" WebAdmin interface will finally disappear. Most of our partners will not even notice, as they are already familiar with the greatly improved usability of the new WebAdmin. For all those who are still set on the old interface (before Nov 2019), it is high time to change. We are offering the Guided Tour to the new WebAdmin again, on February 23rd, 2021. We will guide these and new IACBOX partners through the menu structure and show where to find the most important settings, modules and features. Register via our training calendar or by email to

WiFi for the Silver Surfer generation

With the lockdown extensions in many regions, there will be no changes to the restrictions and bans on visits to senior residences and nursing homes in the near future. A lack of social contacts or interaction can affect mind and soul, especially in seniors this has to be considered a health risk. In pandemic times, mobile phones, tablets and laptops may well be able to display their communication tool strong points. However, this requires residences and homes to be covered with accessible, reliable WiFi, and there are still too few of these facilities. A market with a lot of potential and high demand.

Find out more about the opportunities for systems integrators in this area in our latest blog post. In the download section of the my.iacbox Partner Portal you will also find a new PPP with a focus on the health care industry.

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