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IACBox News - 09/2017

September 25th, 2017


  • More license monitoring options in my.iacboy
  • Hardware only available in our online shop
  • Tech news now on twitter

How active is your client's IACBOX?

In your my.iacbox Partner Portal, you can check the activity status of every box in your list of licenses. The new Active Button shows in traffic light colours if the system has been last synchronised less than 2 days (green) or less than two months (orange) or longer ago (red). Just hover the mouse pointer over the button to see the exact date of the last synchronization.

Hardware Only available online

In the past, hardware orders had to be associated to a license purchase in order to be proceed in our Online Shop. In response to mulitple requests of our customers, our online shop system is supporting from now on hardware only orders as well.

Follow us on Twitter

Our tech team is now on twitter and will use this channel in the future to spread technical or other important news fast.  Stay tuned!

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