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Transport & Offshore Structures

Passangers, staff, and guests expect to be provided with a working Internet connection. However, this is not always as simple as it sounds, especially out on the high seas, or on a far-flung offshore structure. Excessive data traffic, especially when unmanaged, can cause connection problems for everybody, ranging anywhere between occasional time-out errors to total network overload.

The IACBOX has the ability to optimize your WiFi network for everyone, with traffic shaping and customizable bandwidth management. In addition to limiting surfing times and/or protocols, keep track of what's happening on your network, with detailed logging and visibility into your application control traffic. Apply customized access policies to different user groups, and provide them with additional offline content.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for transport and offshore structures we recommend the following optional modules:

Of course you can deploy any of the available modules according to your individual needs.

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