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Public sector WiFi must no be inferior to the WiFi used by private companies. It must be efficient and secure. Authentication and content control have an important part to play, particularly at schools, universities or public authorities.

Public sector Wifi operators need simple login methods with database connection, or free login for public areas such as sports fields or community centres. The IACBOX meets all criteria for a WiFi4EU installation. The Content Filter and the optional Application Control module mean you can be sure students are not given access to content that is not educational. You can use custom access policies for different user groups and provide them with additional offline content such as learning materials. The special IACBOX settings and the Privacy Toolkit module show that we take data protection very seriously and allow you to operate your WiFi in compliance with the law. The IACBOX has been used very successfully for years by authorities, communities, tourism associations and regions, schools, universities and research institutions.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for the public sector we recommend the following optional interfaces:

Of course you can deploy any of the available interfaces according to your individual needs.

IACBOX Classroom edition

Digital school transformation is in full swing, and the demand for online learning tools and mobile devices is skyrocketing. This shift is not only about technology, but about culture, and also about investment. Governments in Europe and other parts of the world are willing to allocate more money to invest into the future of young generations: Austria wants to use tablets for schoolchildren across the board in autumn/winter 20/21, following a plan endowed with 200 million of Euros and includes glass fiber connection and WiFi infrastructure in schools. Germany has a such a plan, France has the Plan Numérique pour l’Éducation, Italy and the U.K. have strategies and funding, ASEAN countries have Smart School projects, and many others are pursuing similar plans.

WiFi is often crucial in these plans, especially as a tool of inclusion, providing high speed Internet access free of charge. In line with these plans, the IACBOX offers an ideal solution that makes it easier to administrate WiFi access for schoolchildren, teachers and devices, ensures secure login, intelligently manages the available bandwidth and offers the option of controlling applications according to protocols, i.e. restrict or not allow streaming or gaming services. Each school has the opportunity to make its registration page clearly recognizable and to guide its users to important content.

With the new IACBOX Classroom edition there is a premium package that includes the following services with a considerable price advantage:

  • Application Control PRO regardless of the license size
  • Privacy Toolkit
  • School-specific ticket templates filterable per class
  • Web-based admin access for IT administrators
  • WebAdmin user with administration function and detailed instructions for teachers
  • In addition -10% EDU discount on the license price
  • First upgrade fee included
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