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Guest WiFi in hotels and restaurants that works and is easy to use is indispensable nowadays. Guests want to get online quickly and easily, while the operator should have all options available to help them use their guest network login as a communication and marketing tool. Flexible interfaces with hotel software / PMS and other customer data systems / CRM mean that there is no longer anything to stand in the way of an ideal user experience and maximum insight into the customer journey.

Guest WiFi is not just about providing Internet access, but also about dealing with changing user numbers, user-friendly login and intelligent distribution of the bandwidth available. As the operator of guest WiFi, you want added value for the free service you offer. The IACBOX allows you to design an attractive login page while also providing a wide range of options that you can use for marketing and communication by automatically redirecting guests to offers, event information, menus, survey pages, etc. after a freely definable time, for example.

For low cost implementations in smaller environments, where not all of the features of the Full version are required, the IACBOX Lite version is available.

PMS Interfaces

In addition, more than 20 PMS interfaces permit fully automated guest login via your hotel software. Access can be subject to a charge added directly to the bill for the room if you want to issue VIP tickets offering higher bandwidth, for example, or you can keep it free and limited in terms of time or data volume. Authentication on the PMS system takes place in real time, so every guest who has checked in legally can log in independently with no further manual intervention.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for hospitality we recommend the following optional modules:

Of course you can deploy any of the available interfaces according to your individual needs.

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