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An easy to use and working Internet access for hospitality has become indispensable. No matter whether the operator is a guest house, a business- or holiday resort, a cruise ship or a hotel chain, IACBOX covers all necessary requirements best.

For operation in hospitality environments IACBOX provides lots of additional and helpful interfaces which makes life much easier.

For low cost implementations in smaller environments, where not all of the features of the Full version are required, the IACBOX Lite version is available.

PMS Interfaces

More than 20 active PMS interfaces provide a completely automated guest authentication to an existing PMS system. Internet access can thereby be granted either charged, with direct booking to the room account, or for free. Because authentication takes place in real-time to the PMS system all valid checked-in guests are able to log in without any further manual intervention independently.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for hospitality we recommend the following optional modules:

Of course you can deploy any of the available interfaces according to your individual needs.

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