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For hospitals, nursing or retirement homes, rehabilitation centres or medical practices, WiFi that is easy to operate and manage increases patient/client satisfaction while also facilitating the work done by nursing staff. Connection to common hospital systems means that there is no longer anything standing in the way of convenient and flexible WiFi.

The IACBOX allows you to design an intuitive login page offering different payment options and ticket groups for different classes. User authentication takes place via an interface to the hospital information system or the database at nursing and retirement homes. For long-term residents, personalised monthly quotas can be defined with ease. The Privacy Toolkit allows you to ensure the necessary data protection as well.

IACBOX Silver Surfer edition

The demographics are clear: older people are developing more of an affinity for the Internet. Mobile devices and online access will provide even more important links with family and communities as soon as people’s mobility is limited or they move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Digital participation is becoming a fundamental right, with legal status: in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to section 5(3) of the Residential and Participation Act, all senior residential and care facilities have been obliged since October 1st, 2019 to offer the “technical prerequisites for the use of Internet access”.

The IACBOX Silver Surfer edition makes this very easy, as well as very convenient. Residents can access the Internet via secure, barrier-free and legally compliant WiFi. A separate surf LAN means that residents’ sensitive data remains completely protected, while access remains secure and reserved for authorised individuals. The available bandwidth is adjustable: separate access can be set up for visitors if preferred, as well as for staff using private devices or devices owned by the company. Options for restricting and blocking certain services are also available, as is protection against unwanted content. Building areas such as residential wings, lobbies and lounges can be provided with separate login pages and/or different login methods via VLAN or SSID.

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