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Corporations such as insurance companies, banks, airports or industrial enterprises make WiFi available for their own employees, as well as for business partners or suppliers. Hence control over who does what and when in the network should be in the hands of the operator. At the same time, the WiFi should work as reliably and with as little maintenance as possible.

Security has a major part to play in this segment: external guests should be able to move around separately from employees. Nevertheless, everything should work for every user; a presentation using data from outside the conference room should not be slowed down because reports or photos are being downloaded elsewhere. User authentication is a must so that you know exactly who is using your Internet connection. Decide which login method is appropriate for your company. For example, you can allow your employees access via your database / CRM or issue guests with tickets containing a password or other access data. The optional Login API module allows you to design your login page however you want it.

Recommended optional modules

Especially for enterprise operation we recommend the following optional modules:

  • VPN Tunnel (Secure access to the system from your desired location or backend)
  • Application Control (Allow, block or restrict applications and protocols)
  • Privacy Toolkit (Be prepared for the General Data Protection GDPR)

Of course you can deploy any of the available interfaces according to your individual needs.

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