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Other Modules & Interfaces

In addition to the PMS interface for hotels IACBOX provides lots of other interfaces:

External Authentication

The External Authentication allows login of guests, employees and WebAdmin users to various external data sources.

Supported Backends:

  • Local Database
  • Active Diretory
  • LDAP
  • Radius
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Login API

IACBOX supports two different types of Login API.

Local Login API

The local Login API allows to create free definable login pages using a built-in webserver without any additional software or server. The login page is stored on IACBOX locally and can be modified using the integrated online editor. All required components to run the local Login API are already preinstalled (also see IACBOX WebAdmin menu "Client Logon / Custom Logon Page"). Further information how to configure the custom login page can be found in our online documentation.

External Login API

The IACBOX Login API provides seamless integration into web projects hosted on an external webserver. This allows creating a freely designed corporate login page, and/or using a broader range of individual backends for authentication, promotion or data exchange purposes, like for instance CRM systems. For Login API integration basic know-how in HTML and PHP is required.

The required SDK including a working example and the developer API documentation is available for download in the my.iacbox Partner Portal in menu "Services / Downloads => Other" for all registered partners.

VPN Tunnel

Connect multiple IACBOX systems to a central VPN server for secure and easy management or maintenance access to your dislocated systems. Secure the access via Batch API for backup or statistics downloads, or access to unencrypted (Radius, ...) backends by VPN tunneling.

Supported VPN Servers:

  • OpenVPN

Application Control

Monitor and control numerous applications like P2P or Instant Messaging.

Social networks

The Social Network Login Modul allows users to login using their existing social network accounts.

Supported social networks:

Google+, Facebook

Messaging Interface

The Messaging Interface allows users to register for Internet access online by providing either their mobile number or email address. You can also define individual required fields users have to fill out (e.g. name, address). The login information to access the Internet will be delivered to the user instantly by SMS or email. The collected user information can easily be exported for further usage using the WebAdmin interface.

Supported SMS providers and interfaces:



  • Generic HTTP Interface (REST POST, REST GET, JSON POST)
  • Generic Email Interface


  • Business, A-8010 Graz -
  • A1 Telekom Austria AG, A-1020 Wien -


  • - Any-SMS, D-73262 Reichenbach -
  • GOYYA Marketing KG, D-01099 Dresden -


  • eCall™ via Email (requires private or business Account), CH-8832 Wollerau -
  • eCall™ via HTTPS (requires business Account), CH-8832 Wollerau -


  • Maradit Web Services

Email Ticket Request

The module Email Ticket Request was designed especially for companies. The visitor enters the email address of his host on the login page and an email will be send to the host. This email contains a special link and allows the host to activate the requested visitor Internet access with a single click.

Online Payment

Allows customers to pay conveniently by credit card, PayPal or other online payment systems. This module is already included in the base license (except Lite Edition).

HIS / KIS interfaces

Interfacing to various hospital information systems (HIS / KIS) allows automated real time authentication of patients in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, etc. using an existing hospital information system including optional accounting.

Supported HIS / KIS products:

  • Siemens Himed
  • Avaya MedCom

Other Interfaces

The following additional IACBOX interfaces are available:

  • User Agent Autologon - Free login and automatic activation of end devices based on browser User-Agent
  • iPass - Enterprise Mobility Services
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