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IACBOX Software Appliance

The IACBOX software builds the core of our product portfolio which is included in all Software-, Virtual- and Hardware Appliances. IACBOX provides an All-In-One Internet Hotspot and Authentication solution which includes the required operating system, the application and all network services that are required to easily gain Internet access. All you need in addition is a broadband Internet access.

The recommended hardware resources for operation can be found in our Hardware-Requirements.

All Full Version licenses include the following modules for free

  • Custom Login Page (free customizable login page e.g. Bootstrap templates)
  • Social Login Interface (login using Facebook & Google accounts)
  • External User Authentication (authentication using Databases, LDAP, Radius, iPass)
  • Messaging Interface (send login information automatically by SMS or email)
  • Email Ticket Request (activation of visitor access by his host)
  • User Agent Autologon (free login based on browser User-Agent)
  • Online Payment (credit card, PayPal)


The customer login page (Captive Portal) is multilingual and recognises the prefered language of the end device automatically. Furthermore the login page provides support for mobile devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, etc.

  • Customer login page translated into 24 languages
    (Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
  • Scan & Surf - smart login by scanning QR code
  • Concurrent login of multiple devices with same login information
  • Walled Garden (free available websites to all)
  • Bandwidth management incl. guaranteed bandwidth per user
  • "Remember Me" feature for automatic relogin of already registered devices
  • Predefined Terms of Use for all available languages
  • Individual accounting (time, date, data volume, bandwidth) or free
  • Loyalty program support (loyalty cards, hotel membership programs, ...)

Secure & up to date

The automatic online update, which is included in the Software Maintenance, keeps your system always up to date and protects you and your customers from potential threats. The scheduled backup prevents from critical data loss.

  • SSL encrypted customer login page
  • Frequent software updates
  • DNS Blacklist Filtering (Content Filter) of DNS names and also works for HTTPS encrypted services
  • DNS Tunnel Protection
  • DOS Prevention (Denial of Service)
  • Application Control (block or restrict various protocols)
  • Permanent adjustments to legal regulations
  • Private VLAN support
  • Logging of all relevant actions

Flexible & Modular

A large number of modules and authentication options complete the product and allow a seamless integration into a wide variety of applications. And the best thing, you can combine all interfaces together with each other.

  • Large number of interfaces (Micros Fidelio, Protel, ...)
  • External Authentications (LDAP incl. MS Active Directory, databases, Radius)
  • Login API for seamless integration of IACBOX login page into external web projects
  • Separate, open PMS Interface for third party developers
  • SMS and email Registration for customers
  • Interface to social networks (Facebook, Google)
  • Online payment interface (credit cards incl. PayPal)
  • Individual customizable customer login page


The built-in plug-and-play engine ensures a maximum of convenience for users, so users never have to change the network settings on their end devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook).

  • Automatic relogin of already registered devices
  • Static IP address detection
  • Automatic Proxy detection
  • Supports all popular VPN technologies
  • No software installation required

Easy Setup

Install the IACBOX software using the Express Setup with just a single key stroke within a few minutes automatically. You can choose to install the software on your own prefered hardware or virtual environment using an USB stick or CD image and still use all the benefits of our proven and powerful technology.


No matter if you want to use IACBOX for an internet cafe or for an airport. Because of the flexible licensing model and the powerful platform IACBOX is your first choice as an All-In-One solution for every possible field of application.

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