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Central Services

The IACBOX Central Services includes a set of functions for centralized management of distributed IACBOX systems. Using this feature administrators can easily gain remote access the IACBOX WebAdmin interface via my.iacbox Partner Portal and manage the system without any additional software. The included Central Services functions are extended continuously.

The IACBOX Central Services are available as an optional module. If you need any further information concerning Central Services please contact our Sales Team.

How it works!

To use IACBOX Central Services you need to activate the secure connection to the Central Server and activate remote access in the WebAdmin interface. After a few seconds the secure connection between your IACBOX and the Central Server is established. This step has to be done only once before the first connection.

To start a remote access session login to our my.iacbox Partner Portal using a web browser, right click the appropriate license and select "Central Services => Remote Access".

Now the Central Server will establish a secure connection between your web browser and the selected IACBOX system.

Once the connection is established you have full access to the IACBOX WebAdmin interface without re-login due to integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) - it's that easy!

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