WiFi login & iOS 14

August 27th, 2020

Today we will be in touch with more details on two topics: First, there is the planned setting to randomize the MAC address in iOS 14. As already reported, it can be a surprise if guests are used to repeatedly accessing certain WiFi networks with their iPhone or iPad, for example in a hotel, school, clinic or company, and suddenly find themselves registrating every day after the update. In any case, we are prepared, and so are our partners. There is also now a guide for the new IACBOX Classroom edition - more details below.

MAC randomization on iOS 14

This summer, at the WWDC20 organized by Apple every year, the aim was as usual to focus on new, striking features of the operating system updates on all iPhones from version 6 onwards. The fact that a small but significant change can lead to all sorts of unforeseen problems in many networks was not explicitly mentioned in Tim Cook's keynote. In fact, many authentication methods are based on the historically static MAC address. Obscuring these by default can be problematic, Apple knows that too, and so the feature can conveniently be switched on or off for each network. Instructions are already available on the official Apple support pages. We are putting together a compact info PDF for our partners, which is available on request and can be forwarded to end customers in the event of support inquiries in this regard.

Hotspot 2.0 support

The WiFi Alliance's Hotspot 2.0 standard, or HS2 for short, is not new. We all remember the background noise about the brave new hotspot world with WiFi offloading on a grand scale that could be heard in the specialist media in the early 2010s. Admittedly, everything did not turn out exactly the same, and the topic became quieter. It is now receiving new attention as a possible solution to the potentially problematic MAC address obfuscation. Interesting? Read more on the blog.

New HowTo guide

For the new IACBOX for schools, there is a guide on how to best use and adapt the templates supplied. Practical as a guide for the end customer's IT administrators to set up themselves, but also for IACBOX partners who take on the configuration as a service for the customer. Available as PDF on request, or also as an editable file for your own design.

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