Sneak Preview Version 2x

October 22nd, 2020

Autumn is there, falling leaves and dropping temperatures included - for us the time of the year when we get on our developers' heads (this year with due distance) and ask for a date for the new IACBOX version every hour. Altough we can't name a release date today, we can already give you a small taster of what is to come. And on behalf of guest registration - mandatory in more and more regions due to Covid-19 contact tracing - read more below on what the IACBOX can do for you in this matter.

Sneak Preview Version 2x

Today we can give you a foretaste of the Ticket Overview in WebAdmin, which has been completely revised with V2x.

Ticket Overview

Newly revised for more clarity, it focuses on the relevant values with dynamic fields that output information depending on the active login method. The time filter as well as the date and time stamp have been improved and adjusted for easier readability. For better performance, all data is reloaded asynchronously.

Ticket Details

The ticket details appear as a popup for easier orientation. Also here, our development focused heavily on clarity in design. The values are sorted by categories such as ticket, limit, filter, etc. In addition to data for the respective login method, data collector entries and additional mandatory fields are displayed.

Guest registration with IACBOX

In Austria, guest registration has recently become mandatory, so other countries will certainly follow suit. Be prepared for your customers. They can either use the online registration service of their choice and have IACBOX redirect guests to the form, or configure an IACBOX Data Collector to gather the required information on the login page. Download a PDF information sheet with instructions in the my.iacbox Partner Portal or here.

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