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Where is my IACBOX?

August 28th, 2018


  • IACBOX Map
  • Work in Progress: Application Control
  • IACBOX training calendar
  • Marketing materials in my.iacbox Partner Portal

NEW: Where is my IACBOX?

Ever wondered where all your IACBOX licenses are located? You can easily visualize that with just one click now. In the my.iacbox Partner Portal, you find the menu Map under My Licenses, and discover them all displayed on a map (according to Geo-IP coordinates).

Does one of your licenses look misplaced? This can happen due to incorrect Geo-IP coordinates or relocation. If so, you can adjust the position with a click on Change Position or, in list view, on the position marker. By the way: have you considered the option to remote-manage them via Central Services? It's a handy and inexpensive customer care tool.

Work in Progress: Application Control PRO

Our development team is pushing hard, and it will not be long until the overhauled Application Control base structure will be deployed, fit for present and future challenges. In addition, we will get a PRO version, allowing to shape profiles per ticket template with specific control settings for higher requirements - more info to be revealed soon. Without giving away too much, we can say that an easy upgrade opportunity for all current Application Control users is planned. Stay tuned!

Online Training - already booked?

Here's our new training calendar with all sorts of offers: IACBOX basics and use cases, FREE sales training along with new PPP material, and a short guided tour to the my.iacbox Partner Portal. Sign up now, the number of participants is limited!

Marketing materials in my.iacbox

In the my.iacbox Partner Portal, under the heading Downloads/Marketing, we have new sales materials in store for you: target group folders, information flyers, data sheets and a new PP presentation for final customer acquisition. To accompany it with instructions, we will soon offer a free info webinar, the dates will be published in our next newsletter.

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