V19.0 & the Silver Surfer package

November 13th, 2019

Our developers unveiled the release date for the V19.0 - November 26th it will happen. The IACBOX WebAdmin will not only get a brand new surface, along with completely renewed structure, resulting in significantly improved usability and user guidance. It will also bring the announced IACBOX Silver Surfer edition - read more below.

Silver Surfer edition

The IACBOX Silver Surfer edition hits the shelves together with V19.0. We have put together a beautiful package allowing WiFi operators of residential and care facilities to provide secure, barrier-free and legally compliant WiFi.

This is what the Silver Surfer package holds:

  • Premium package saving 46% off the regular price, available for all IACBOX licenses
  • Central Services Connect for cloud-based administration
  • Barrier-free login page adapted to your CI (logo, background, CI colours)
  • Pre-created ticket templates (add your own if you wish)
  • WebAdmin user for easy onboarding of local users (residents, employees, etc.)
  • Privacy Toolkit included for easier privacy regulations compliance
  • Including detailed instructions for efficient use

IACBOX Version 19.0

In two weeks to go until release, V19.0 will pass through the last tests, fine-tuning and adjustments, our developers put their heads together once again. In our next newsletter you will get a detailed list of all new features, here is a brief insight into the look & feel of the new WebAdmin interface:

Data Collector for Login API

Our Data Collector (you probably know it from the standard login page) can now be used with the Login API by inserting fields directly into the login mask or by placing a form in front of the login page. Of course you'll collect data in a user-friendly and GDPR compliant way by obtaining consent via customizable checkboxes.


Cookies are currently on everyone's lips, because the European Court of Justice published a new directive on October 1st, 2019, which stipulates that the setting of cookies, which are not absolutely necessary, requires the active consent of users. It is also and primarily about tracking cookies and tracking services that "chase" the user beyond one page. Read more in our latest blog post.

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