Version 19.0 Announcement

July 18th, 2019

Today we're getting in touch to let you in on the latest news from product development: Version 19.0 is practically on the home straight. What it is all about? The IACBOX WebAdmin will get a brand new surface, along with completely renewed structure, resulting in significantly improved usability and user guidance. Furthermore, there is a new interface with a big payment service provider, read more below.

WebAdmin NEW

New WebAdmin Interface

With V19, our WebAdmin gets a completely redesigned menu. The new clear and tidy look will make it a lot easier to administrate your system and find the various settings you are looking for. For smooth familiarization, the option to switch with just one click between new and old WebAdmin will remain until release of V20 next year. Curious to catch a glimpse of the new surface? Stay tuned, we'll probably wheedle a screenshot out of our nerds pretty soon.

TLS certificate and domain

With V19, the IACBOX will allow entering your own domain and TLS certificate for Office and Management LAN, too. By then, the tiresome certificate warnings when accessing the WebAdmin interface will be a thing of the past.

Login API News

Login API has been the focus of our developers in recent months. The standard template comes with a fresh, modern design. In addition, the connection to a new payment service provider was successfully implemented:

WireCard Interface

WireCard is a major online payment service provider operating worldwide, and allows to offer many different payment methods, like credit cards, with just one account, now also with IACBOX. You want to know more about WireCard?
Ask us:

Data Collector

Our Data Collector (you probably know it from the standard login page) can now be used with the Login API by placing a form in front of the login page. Of course you'll collect data in a user-friendly and GDPR compliant way by obtaining consent via customizable checkboxes.

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