Top 5 IACBOX use cases

September 25th, 2019

As autumn draws around, everybody is back from their summer holidays, and it's time to strengthen the ties again within the IACBOX team. We'll dedicate this Friday to team building. For October, we will fill our training calendar with free technical and sales webinars the latest entry being The top 5 IACBOX use cases. Remember that you can book these webinars as well for your team and your desired date for little money. Read on for more details.

IACBOX Team day on September 27th

A team is only as strong as its spirit. This is why we will dedicate an entire day to build and strengthen more of the IACBOX team spirit and skills. Please bear in mind that we only process urgent requests on Friday, September 27th. From the following Monday on, sales and support teams will be back in full effect. Thank you for your understanding.

Who needs the IACBOX?

We want to offer our partners a varied program and have therefore added a new webinar. With 6,800 installed IACBOX systems, we have a wealth of experience that we are happy to share. We have summarized the most important use cases covered by the IACBOX in a 30-minute presentation. The use cases are presented clearly, so that even customers with little technical knowledge can imagine what it is about. Register now via our training calendar for The top 5 IACBOX use cases on October 29th, 2019, or book a specific date for your team by email to

Did you know ...?

... that you can let your guests, employees, customers go online at predefined times? In the weekly calendar in WebAdmin, you can specify the active WiFi hours for each ticket template. Check out the examples below, like in a template for employees who are only allowed to surf with their private mobile phone in their leisure time, and below a restaurant that has the free access restricted to their opening hours. To use this feature, go to Tickets/Templates and click on the pencil icon on the right side in the line of the template you want to edit, then scroll down to Logon Hours.

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