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September 11th, 2018


  • Access problems with old IACBOX versions
  • Version check in my.iacbox
  • WiFi4EU - Next try!
  • Online Training - free offers

Old key, new lock?

Sounds problematic? Indeed, it was. During an internal server change last week, there was a malfunction with some IACBOX systems of the oldest generations, versions 3.0 to 7.0 were affected. Due to old encryption protocols that were not supported, access to the license server was denied. The problem was not easy to deal with, but our developer heroes never give up, and they eventually fixed it. All systems should be up and running again by now. However, if you have customers with older version, why not contact them proactively and show that you care?

Version check in my.iacbox

Here's how you can look up the version of your licenses in the license manager of your my.iacbox Partner Portal. Identify versions 3.0 to 7.0, then roll the pointer over the "Active" button to display the last contact to the license server. If it was more than one week ago, contact the customer.

WiFi4EU - what happens next?

Now that the first call has failed because of technical problems, the EU Commission has published a roadmap showing how the WiFi4EU initiative will continue. Read more in our Blog.

NEW: Online Training - already booked?

Here's our new training calendar with all sorts of offers: IACBOX basics and use cases, FREE sales training along with new PPP material, and a short guided tour to the my.iacbox Partner Portal. Sign up now, the number of participants is limited!

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