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IACBOX Version 18.0

Oktober, 31st 2018

  • Out now: IACBOX Version 18.0
  • Highlights - IACBOX 18.0
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Now available: IACBOX 18.0

Our development team announces the happy news - IACBOX Version 18.0 is available, with its completely renewed Application Control module. Even though a bigger part of the changes are not prominently visible for our customers, there are significant improvements in detection. And with these changes, the way is paved for the Application Control PRO. Now it's time to make the online update available as soon as possible - we'll keep you up to date.

Highlights - IACBOX 18.0

Application Control

In addition to the new features under surface, you can display the currently used applications and protocols. This allows you to identify the main sources of traffic on an IACBOX.


We cleaned up the user interface and arranged all login methods under Modules / Interfaces. You can find them in separate tabs, replacing the very long config list for a better overview.

Free to Use

With version 18.0 it is possible to create Free to Use pages that do not affect the data volume of a ticket. If the user is surfing on one of these pages (streaming music or movies, for example), the downloads will not be deducted from his data volume. You can find this settings in WebAdmin under Client Logon / Free to use.

Besides a revamped Login API, which now also allows complex user-specific redirects, there are some minor bug fixes, a warning on old themes in the system health and the usual security and kernel updates. the features deprecated a year ago (MMS, SaferPay and Client-Public-IP) will now be finally eliminated with version 18.0.


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