NEW: IACBOX Silver Surfer edition

October 24th, 2019

Now it's official: Internet access is a fundamental right for seniors. For residences, homes and assisted living facilities in one of the largest German federal states this was for the first time legally codified. Now, the new IACBOX Silver Surfer edition, which is about to be released, comes in handy - more below. In addition, we wanted to remind you that the PHP update will be rolled out with the V19.0. In most cases, there is hardly any need for action, but with Login API plugins from inhouse production or from third-party providers, a check is worthwile. Here are the details:

Login-API: From PHP5 to PHP7.2

Reminder for our Login API users: With the next major release 19.0 (expected for November 2019) we will be updating from PHP version 5.6 to PHP version 7.2. This update thus skips two versions. Depending on the custom backend integrations with the Login API (eg: custom plugin or changes on the code logic), compatibility adjustments may become necessary.

For the official guide to deprecated, changed, and new features of each update click the links below:

5.6 - 7.0
7.0 - 7.1
7.1 - 7.2

Do your customers have their own Login API plugins in operation that could be affected? Check the links above or invite them to do so - stay tuned, with V19.0 the update is carried out.

Coming soon: IACBOX Silver Surfer edition

A quick look into tram or bus is enough to observe: Seniors now relinquish their smartphone as reluctantly as our teenagers. By October this year, senior citizen housing has been required by law to provide Internet access. The new Silver Surfer edition has a barrier-free login page, appropriate pre-settings and some additional features to provide an easy and extremely comfortable way to comply. Read more in our Blog or ask

FREE Webinar: Top 5 IACBOX Use Cases

The IACBOX is a powerful tool with a wide array of assets to meet the most different customer requirements. In the last 17 years, we have rolled out nearly 7000 systems, so we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the most frequent ones and analyze, beyond the merely technical point of view, what kind of benefit they bring to their operators. Interested? Read more and book here.

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