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New price list & SSL certificate

June 18th, 2018


  • Price list / hardware
  • New SSL certificate
  • IACBOX Technical Training

New price list 06/2018

We had to adjust the price list due to changes in the hardware programme and service policy of our supplier. The license prices have not changed at all. The main difference is that the High Performance server will be available now only on request in the shop or via email request to Note that hardware will only be shipped to EU and EFTA countries.

Renewed SSL certificate

The IACBOX SSL certificate has expired, and it's been renewed for every updated IACBOX V17.2 - unless Software Maintenance has expired before April 6th 2018, automatic updates were disabled or previous important update steps have been skipped. In these cases, a certificate warning will appear on the login page. Users can skip the warning of course, but it would certainly be more elegant to renew the software maintenance of you licenses and update them to the latest version.

IACBOX Technical Training

If you require a training in English please just let us know:

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