NEW in autumn

September 4th, 2019

As reported before, the IACBOX V 19.0 is on the home straight. The IACBOX WebAdmin gets a newly designed interface, and today we can give you a first visual taste of it. What else is new? Currently we are preparing an exciting AI project in cooperation with a university of applied sciences. Read more below.

WebAdmin NEW

The new menu immediately catches the eye. Tidy and clear, the navigation has moved to the left side and can be folded in and out. For the next development stage it will also be possible to only display the new icons and thus gain more clarity on small screens.

But not only the look changes, the structure is also optimized. The different features were thematically resorted and regrouped for simplified and more intuitive use.

Read in our blog, why we have decided like this what the timing of the change will be. Don't worry, if you want some time to become familiar with the new look and feel, you can switch between new and old views with the click of a button.


Increasingly encrypted traffic poses new challenges for Application Control and DPI. That is why the IACBOX Engineering Departement is working on a project with a university of applied sciences in order to explore the possibilities of Machine Learning (ML), a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this regard. A team is being put together for this. We will tell you more details later, stay tuned!

WiFi ticket printer

Do you already know our bestseller for extra easy guest WiFi? Whether at the cash desk, the hotel or office reception, or behind the counter - anyone can handle it easily. Just press the feed button on the thermal receipt printer and hand over a ready-to-use WiFi ticket to a walk-in guest. Assign different ticket templates and place a list next to the printer, e.g. press once for daily flat rate, press twice for weekly ticket etc. The entrusted staff needs neither further knowledge nor WebAdmin access. Find the hardware details here.

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