New Features

August 8th, 2018


  • Remember me with Free Logon
  • NEW: Checkboxes for Data Collector
  • Central Services as a customer care tool

Patchlevel 17.2 (p12582)

With the next patchlevel, available from August 13, 2018, we deliver two long-awaited features in addition to the regular product and security enhancements and adjustments. As usual, you will find a detailed list on our homepage under Support/Updates.

Remember me with Free Logon

By popular request, the feature Remember me is now available for the free logon method. This will keep users logged in after offline periods or idle time without redirecting them to the login page, thus avoiding that they'd have to enter their credentials again.

Checkboxes for Data Collector

We have provided customizable checkboxes for the Data Collector. This feature is important in order to comply with data privacy legislation. Due to the ban on forced consent, it is no longer allowed to integrate your newsletter subscription into the terms of use. Consent must be requested separately. You can easily do this with the appropriate checkbox - you can even add several different consent boxes.

Use Central Services for remote customer care

Are you already using our Central Services Connect Tool? This low-priced additional feature allows secure remote access to the WebAdmin interface of each IACBOX managed by you from the my.iacbox Partner Portal. So you manage current licenses for your customer from the desk, in the home office or wherever you are. Upon request, we will also provide the customer with my.iacbox access restricted to his purchased licenses if he wants to access his WebAdmin via the Internet.

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