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June 19th, 2019

in order to keep the IACBOX safe and fit for the future, it's time for some technology maintenance. For modernization and better performance, we will soon upgrade from PHP5 to PHP7, and we wanted to raise early awareness for possible implications for Login API users among our customers - check out the links below. Also, we have a new article on our price list - from now on, no need to travel to our headquarters for a company specific IACBOX team training. Read on for the details.

New: TeamWebinar

New on our pricelist: our Technical Training is now also available as a TeamWebinar: Train IACBOX expertise in your company without traveling expenses. The udpated price list (software prices remain unchanged) is available as usual on your  my.iacbox Partner Portal.

Login API: From PHP5 zu PHP7.2

Login API users listen up: With the next major release 19.0 (expected for August 2019) we will be upgrading from PHP version 5.6 to PHP version 7.2. This will cover 3 updates. Depending on the custom backend integrations with the Login API (eg: custom plugin or changes in the code logic), compatibility adjustments may become necessary.

For the official guide to deprecated, changed, and new features of each update click the links below:

5.6 - 7.0
7.0 - 7.1
7.1 - 7.2

We will keep you updated on timing and development in further notifications - stay tuned!

Summer dates in the training calendar

You want to make good use of the time before or after your holiday? There is less going on in the office, your customers are on vacation? The dates for our summer webinars are online - register now or send us an email to

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