New appointment, new certificate

May 27th, 2020

While trying to return to the 'new normal', we wanted get in touch with you today with two important pieces of information: First, there is a new appointment for the second IACBOX Partner Networking on the subject of CONTACTLESS guest communication, to which you should definitely register if you have customers from the tourism and hotel industry. Secondly, the update with the renewed TLS certificate for the IACBOX is delivered. More on this below.

2nd IACBOX Partner Networking

In the spirit of digital guest contact, we'll talk in a relaxed atmosphere about what is possible with a WiFi portal and what needs to be considered. For June 9th, 2020, we also invited our technology partner and guest experience expert Code2Order. As an IACBOX partner, you can benefit from our shared experience and learn more about the most popular features that have been boosted by the crisis. Register now!

New certificate delivered

With the currently offered update, all IACBOX systems with valid maintenance until April 30th, 2020 will receive the new SSL / TLS certificate. For systems with deactivated auto-update function, trigger the update manually under System / Online Update before June 13th to avoid annoying certificate errors on the login page. Systems with their own certificate are not affected. Feel fre to get in touch for questions.

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