Manual Update V19.0

January 9th, 2020

After a short Christmas break, we are back in full swing. While our technicians are working on the manual update for V19.0, we have filled our training calendar with webinars. Read more below.

Manual Update V19.0

The manual update to version 19.0 will be available next Wednesday, January 15th, 2020. The automatic update is expected to be rolled out at the end of February. A patch level (14726) with minor bugfixes has already been distributed to all licenses with new version. Here are two of the most exciting highlights from V19.0:

NEW default login page

The standard login page has got a fresh new design. To increase usability, it has been especially adapted for mobile devices. We switched from a two to a one column layout, the login methods are arranged in tabs.

For systems upgrading from V18.0, the login page will automatically be changed in the next few months.

New user statistics

You want to see at a glance which and how many users are currently online? With V19.0, a donut graph will be displayed directly on your dashboard and show not only the number and types of devices online, but also the operating systems in use.

For monitoring details, click on the screen icon on the right in the header. You can enter any selected period of time within the last 6 months for the detailed stats.

Silver Surfer edition

A quick look into tram or bus is enough to observe: Seniors now relinquish their smartphone as reluctantly as our teenagers. By October this year, senior citizen housing has been required by law to provide Internet access. The new Silver Surfer edition has a barrier-free login page, appropriate pre-settings and some additional features to provide an easy and extremely comfortable way to comply. Read more in our Blog or have a look at our new partner price list in the my.iacbox Partner Portal.

New dates in the training calendar

Our training calendar is full of webinars until spring. And next week we will start with our webinar Guided tour to the NEW WebAdmin - on January 14th at 3 p.m. We guide you through the WebAdmin surface of IACBOX V19.0 and show the modifications in the menu structure, the relocated settings, modules, and features, as well as the new options. Register now - via our training calendar or by mail to

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