Letter from Quarantine #2

April 24th, 2020

while we are welcoming the first falling restrictions, there is also a bit of concern: Will we possibly trigger a second pandemic wave? And while we look forward to the future again, we see a lot of uncertainty there too. The lockdown has not meant a total halt to our industry, many even had increased demand due to the sudden surge in digitization. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear to all of us: With a certain delay, the loss of revenue among our end customers will strike hard. After completing all ongoing projects, we'll have to face the question: What to do next? Find a few of our thoughts on this below.

Where lurks the virus?

On my clothes? My shoes? On purchased goods, my newspaper, my hair? The New York Times asked experts where we have to suspect the corona virus lurking (or not). We compiled their answers for you slightly shortened and commented on by a European expert. You will feel better after reading this.

Networking for the time after

Trade fairs and conferences are canceled, but with so many questions we urgently need answers for, the need to exchange views and share ideas is growing. What to do after the crisis? We have to face the many problems, but are there opportunities as well? Where is a new or increased need, which services and products will be less in demand in the future, which more? How do I reach a new sales segment and what do the others do? As a completely new format in the IACBOX training calendar, there will be the first international IACBOX partner networking on May 12th. Meet colleagues, exchange ideas, present a special application or be inspired. Register right here.

Rock64 & RockPro64

Our IACBOX has recently been running on the Raspberry Pi4. Now the ARM boards Rock64 and RockPro64 are added. The Rock64Pro board impresses with a 6-core CPU and thus competes with some larger hardware. We want to offer the IACBOX on these platforms in the future and are working on corresponding installation images.

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